Transmission ratio

I mentioned earlier that i want big 29" tires. This is both for looks as well as comfort. Big tires were used in the early 1900s because they gave a good ground clearance on unpaved roads. For centuries horse-drawn buggies had big wheels too. The bigger the tires the smoother the ride as big tires make a small bump feel like a sloping hill, where a small wheel will experience it as a sudden mountain. Ever wondered why Rolls Royces have such high wheels? Now you know.

Frame tubes

Bicycle frames are built from high-tech tubing which are butted: the ends have more wall thickness than the less stressed middle of a tube. The ends are 0,8 to 1,0 mm, and the middle section can be as thin as 0,4 mm. They are also very expensive.

The art of brazing

7 Jan 2017, 07:42. The roads in the Netherlands are covered in snow and ice, on the day that I was about to learn the art of brazing. Brazing is so beautiful I have to call it an art.

Cyclekart technical considerations

If you've watched the Tieton race video in my first post completely, you must have wondered about the suspension too. Cyclekarts are built to a design that prescribes a rear solid live axle running through the frame, and a solid axle on leaf springs up front. There are quite a lot of people complaining about the back-breaking lack of suspension in the rear, closest to the driver. It is a simple design that makes it easy to build, but the ease of building will be cursed every time you drive it over a bump in the road or off-road.

Sizing the batteries

Let's start with a little market overview, so you get a feel for where we are today, in february 2017.

Choosing your range

It is not uncommon for a car, especially a diesel car, to have a range of 1000 km on one tank. Diesel is more economical than gasoline, and the fuel capacity is designed for a gasoline car that must have a range of about 600 km. So almost coincidentally the diesels end up with very long ranges as car manufacturers rather have 1 fuel tank than 2 different sizes. Gas stations are abundantly available in the Netherlands, but still you must interrupt your journey once per week or 2 weeks to fill up your car.

Motor selection

My desire to avoid the motorway traffic jam every morning and evening means I must stay below 4000 Watt, if I want to use bicycle paths. The 4000 W is quite a lot, when you realize that 500 W combined with human power of about 250 to 500 W is enough to make a 2-wheeled speed pedelec go 45 km/h. Even if you consider the higher drag of 4 wheels, and higher mass of a frame and bodywork, then my gut feeling is that 4 times the already exaggerated 1000 W of a speed pedelec plus rider will at least result in 2 times the 45 = 90 km/h.

Why this site?

I'm going to build it. And make a blog about it too.
So this is the blog. My previous project was a pizza oven, which grew into a beautiful BBQ and pizza oven under a robust roof in my garden. While making it I published photos on Facebook, which led to many likes from friends, but the storyline got lost in all the other news so later I brought it all together on 1 page Pizza Cas. For this project I decided to put the blog on its own site.
So what will I be making this time?

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